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Connecting our community with German Language, Culture and Heritage
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!

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German Language School The Excelsior German Center is home to the German School of the East Bay, a nonprofit organization, serving the East Bay since 1962. The GSEB offers high quality classes with a low tuition. It is located on the grounds of the historic Altenheim--1699 Excelsior Blvd., and is easily accessible from all areas of the East Bay.
German Heritage We want to celebrate the history of the German speaking community in the East Bay. We are keepers of archives of material and photographs chronicling this vibrant history.
Social Gathering Our Excelsior German Center events offer the opportunity to meet and stay in touch with each other across a range of interests.
Culural Events Our Excelsior German Center events are as much about discussion, music, festival, and food as they are about connecting community.
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